Hello from Liberty Lake, Washington

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Hello from Liberty Lake, Washington

投稿記事 by billmcgarry » 水 26 9 2007, 06:32

I am from Liberty Lake, Washington, a small town near Spokane and right on the border of Idaho. This section of Washington is considered "high desert" (about 2400 ft or 800 m above sea level). Seattle (300 miles away) gets the rain; here we do not get much rain and the humidity is very low. That's great during the summer!

I am on the US delcamp.net site but also have a logon on most or all of the other delcamp.net sites.

I played guitar about 35 years ago (not classical) and started again a few years ago. Before I decided to take up classical music, I had bought an steel string acoustic guitar (Larrivee OM-1). I've put classical nylon strings on it and taught myself classical guitar. Someday I'll buy a real classical guitar but I'd have to spend a lot more to find a guitar that sounds as good as this one.

I don't get much time to play the guitar -- 10-30 minutes a day just before I go to bed -- but I have improved over time. I've got arthritis in both hands and I need surgery on the right hand to trim some of the bone so sometimes it's difficult to get the fingering correct but I really enjoy playing.


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投稿記事 by AO » 金 16 11 2007, 14:11

Hey Bill, I'm just trying to keep a little bit active on all these mini-forums to avoid being dropped and have to go through the sign up thing again, so thought I'd say Hi back to you. :bye:

Sorry to hear about your arthritis, but it's nice you can sill enjoy playing!

I think this Japanese site is taking a while to take off, I know there are some very talented players in Japan and hope to see more from this site in the future, see you 'round the English forum, AO.